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Srivastava S, Cohen J, Pevsner J, Aradhya S, McKnight D, Butler E, Johnston M, Fatemi A. A novel variant in GABRB2 associated with intellectual disability and epilepsy. Am J Med Genet A. 2014 Nov;164A(11):2914-21. PMID: 25124326
Horiuchi Y, Kano S, Ishizuka K, Cascella NG, Ishii S, Talbot CC Jr, Jaffe AE, Okano H, Pevsner J, Colantuoni C, Sawa A. Olfactory cells via nasal biopsy reflect the developing brain in gene expression profiles: utility and limitation of the surrogate tissues in research for brain disorders. Neurosci Res. 2013 Dec;77(4):247-50. PMID: 24120685
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Shirley MD, Tang H, Gallione CJ, Baugher JD, Frelin LP, Cohen B, North PE, Marchuk DA, Comi AM, Pevsner J. Sturge-Weber syndrome and port-wine stains caused by somatic mutation in GNAQ. N Engl J Med. 2013 May 23;368(21):1971-9. PMID: 23656586
Kondo MA, Tajinda K, Colantuoni C, Hiyama H, Seshadri S, Huang B, Pou S, Furukori K, Hookway C, Jaaro-Peled H, Kano SI, Matsuoka N, Harada K, Ni K, Pevsner J, Sawa A. Unique pharmacological actions of atypical neuroleptic quetiapine: possible role in cell cycle/fate control. Transl Psychiatry. 2013 Apr 2;3:e243. PMID: 23549417
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Stevens EL, Heckenberg G, Roberson ED, Baugher JD, Downey TJ, Pevsner J. Inference of relationships in population data using identity-by-descent and identity-by-state. PLOS Genet. 2011 Sep;7(9). PMID: 21966277
Roberson EDO and Pevsner J. Visualization of Shared Genomic Regions and Meiotic Recombination in High-Density SNP Data. PLOS One, 2009 Aug 21;4:8. PMID: 19696932
Halper-Stromberg E, Frelin L, Ruczinski I, Scharpf R, Jie C, Carvalho B, Hao H, Hetrick K, Jedlicka A, Dziedzic A, Doheny K, Scott AF, Baylin S, Pevsner J, Spencer F, Irizarry RA. Performance assessment of copy number microarray platforms using a spike-in experiment. Bioinformatics. 2011 Apr 15;27(8):1052-60. PMID: 21478196
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